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Week X Day M [X-Men: First Class, The World Ends With You] [Charles/Erik] [PG-13] [1,161 words]

This... is me indulging in my messed-up love of XMFC and TWEWY. Dug it out from my writing folder, looks like it's from Dec 2011. You probably need to know both stories to not go "wth is this"... (or, even knowing may still result in that same reaction. XP Cos I'm pretty sure this was originally intended as crack~)


Week 2 Day 3

"Did you order the reapers to clear my masterpieces?"

Emma looks up from the couch when Erik storms into the room, cape billowing dramatically behind him.

"Sugar, as much as I try," Emma says sweetly, lowering her magazine on Manhattan's latest fashion trends, "I can't seem to find a way to like those atrocious heaps of metallic junk you seem so fond of leaving around the city,"

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Dear Secret Mutant...

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter!

I'm so terribly excited, this exchange is going to be fun~ And I definitely want you to have fun and enjoy writing/artsing as much as I'm looking forward to what you'll come up with!

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Happy 2012! XMFC, HP, Inception

Happy 2012!

I haven't been rolling around fandom in a long while. Think I faded away soon after taking part in i_reversebang last April, got caught in a busy period at work and then classes since last June. I still don't have much time between work and classes, so I'm not exactly back back yet. Just hmm, randomly felt like posting today? lol. I had a little time this weekend and was indulging in some fandom surfing... and realised I totally missed the news about Sherlock season 2! :O chrysan is a wonderful person without whom I would be crying with a bunch of broken/dead links falling through my fingers. *glompity*

My latest fandom is X-Men: First Class? Caught the movie on a plane last Oct, found it surprisingly good, and then happily lapped up fic recs I got from, again, the wonderful chrysan. You know, when I fanned the X-Men cartoon series way back when I was a kid (my classmates and I used to pretend to be X-Men characters - we had a whole bunch of people involved. I was Cyclops. It was well, pretty useless fun, but fun all the same. XD I remember times like when we were queuing for injections and telling each other <i>you are Gambit/Beast/whoever, you can't be scared!</i>, lol) I never dreamed that I would one day ship Magneto/Professor X. lol. I blame it on XMFC and James McAvoy.

Tossing up some old doodly art that I'll put behind the cut:
- Harry Potter x Inception: the Marauders and other HP characters in the role of the Inception cast.
- Inception: Eames x Arthur.
- XMFC: Dragneto x Charles.

And hmm, I unlocked 2 small ficlets that I had as private before (because I clearly have issues with self-esteem and confidence when posting fanwork):
- Ripples: Inception, Eames x Arthur. Cocktails. A kiss. A hotel pool. (or, the only thing I wrote for the Inception kink meme that I ever intend to out for XD)
- Finding Santa: Tales of the Abyss, gen. Incomplete Christmas fic from 2009? lol. I wanted h/c where Peony and Jade get stuck in Mt Roneal, they're both cold and Jade is hurt. But this ficlet doesn't even come close to that part of the plot yet. XD

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Of Great Minds and Tea [XMFC/Sherlock crossover]

It's been a while. I actually haven't been on LJ much at all lately. Work, classes, life have been taking up all my time. But I recently watched X-Men First Class on a plane last weekend, ♥ McAvoy!Charles, and now I want to read Erik/Charles fics. Apparently, according to chrysan, there are loads of fics? Good. :3 *waits for recs* :P Anyone else on my flist into XMFC? And in the meantime, well, I have no idea if these ideas are done or overdone (the coin one apparently is), but I had a little extra time at work and writing was a pleasant activity that didn't require the internet and typing looks enough like doing work... *cough*  Also, it's my first attempt at both Sherlock and XMFC fic. Characterisations may be iffy.

Fandom: Sherlock (BBC), X-Men: First Class
Character(s): Sherlock, John, Charles
Rating: PG
Summary: “You may recall,” Sherlock said to John, “that I had mentioned having very few friends during my brief stint at university. This man was one of them,” He gestured to Charles. “Charles Xavier.”

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Art for i_reversebang! #1 (Arthur/Eames, PG)

Summary: Eames piggybacks an injured-but-still-BAMF!Arthur.
Rating: PG (or PG-13 for the presence of blood)
Link to art-fic masterpost: TBA

Art for Inception Reverse Bang (it's a Big Bang type of project where writers claim and write for art pieces). I got to work with two very awesome writers, withlightning and shaemichelle who I feel very lucky to have gotten as my writers, because I can honestly say that I enjoy their writing. Coloured two separate images based on their respective fics. For a first-timer with a Big Bang type of thing, I wasn't sure what I should be expecting, but all this had been more fun and exciting than I had expected, discussing with my writers, reading their stories, hearing their visualisations of the scene and creating these together~

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ETA Oct 2011: I think I've reached a date where replying to comments made a few months ago would probably be downright weird. I'm still actually very thankful to those who have left comments though. Thank you!
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Offers for help_japan

I haven't had time to look through all the offers properly yet, but I see a lot of offers at help_japan ! Amazing! And a little scary O_O - I leave a window open and the next time I refresh, there are a few hundred new comments! I do hope that with each offer and each bid (which will eventually lead to 'each donation'!), we'll be able to do a little part in helping someone there.

Here's what I'm offering: 
1) 1 coloured art
2) Pencil sketches / lineart at $10 for up to 3 characters (+ $3 for each additional character) - see below for examples
3) I'm still discussing the details with Shiy, but Buusagi (buusagi_gumi ) may be putting up an offer for translation. Will link here and put up a note on the comm if confirmed. Buusagi's offer: here

Honestly? I have no idea if anyone would be interested in donating for pencil sketches. But I just wanted to try something simpler for a Buy It Now option so that hopefully some donations will get out there sooner!

Ace Attorney series / Gyakuten Saiban/Kenji ; Death Note ; One Piece (up to Water 7) ; Tales of the Abyss ; GHOST TRICK - I haven't drawn a single Ghost Trick art yet, but I'm currently in much love with it having completed the game recently and so I'm willfully including it in this list despite the uncertainty whether I can draw it decently :P Let us believe that LOVE overcomes all!
maybe Inception or Sherlock (BBC) - I don't have much experience with drawing for fandoms involving real life actors, so basically, request at your own risk? >> we can discuss first, of course; I'd welcome questions
maybe other anime/ game/ TV fandoms that I know - check with me before bidding same as above line ^

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How is it possible to pack THAT MANY unexpected plot twists and fantastically awesomely unique characters into a single tightly-paced game?

I just finished playing Ghost Trick! Considering that I was already rather excited about it (having heard it was by the same person behind Phoenix Wright), it unbelievably still managed to blow me away.

And before I continue, just to say, I normally don't like spoilers and this is all the more a game that you shouldn't get yourself spoiled for. So, I appreciate those who included a spoiler warning when mentioning it so I didn't get accidentally spoiled~

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- I'm still on a high from playing~ XD If you own a DS and haven't played Ghost Trick yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? :P

Icon examples post for help_nz

I'm opening an auction for help_nz . It's a little late, but I feel some personal attachment to New Zealand, having briefly studied there before and gaining wonderful memories from it, so I hope to help in what little way I can. Busy with work and i_reversebang and can't commit to other forms of art till April. So, icons it is for now!

Offer: Set of 5 icons each for top 4 bidders.
Starting bid: US$5.
Output format: PNG, or GIF for animated icons. Will keep animated icons within LJ file size limit of 40kb if necessary.
Fandoms: My current fandoms are Kanjani 8, Sherlock (BBC), Inception, The Mentalist, Ace Attorney, but I will do any anime/ TV/ game fandoms I know and have pictures of (e.g. Death Note, One Piece (up to Water 7), Saiyuki, Get Backers, FMA, Darker than Black, Last Exile, Hack Sign, etc), and am open to specific requests with provided images for anything else (e.g. this image with the words "blah blah"). Just drop me a comment if you have any questions!


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